A hidden gem at the London Bike Show

The last few days have been a bit of a whirlwind. As you will all know by now, I helped Boxer Cycles out at their stand and test track to show people the power of the cargobike! Definitely an adventure in itself to meet people who didn’t realise a cargobike even existed. I hope we […]

The Dirty Word

The Great British Cycling Community. I have been part of the London branch since August last year. And, there is something which I need to rant about.   WHERE ARE ALL THE WOMEN? Indeed, where are the women in this community!?  Tonight there is a debate at the Design Museum. The Museum has a lovely […]

All you need is Love.

As you all know by now, I have a big love affair with the Cargo Bike. I was the proud owner of one before it got stolen and I have test ridden a fair few in the last couple of years. Cargo bikes are a brilliant way to transport children, but are also massively important […]

The Great TFL Waste of Money Scheme

Today I cycled from Lordship Recreation Ground to South Tottenham, to go to one of my families (I am a self employed housekeeper in Tottenham and take care of many families in the area). I decided to take the CS1 route and check out the bit they were working on last week. I had high […]

I nearly died…

I feel lucky today. I went to work, I picked up my son from school, I gave him a hug, we went grocery shopping and we came home. I feel lucky, because I am still alive. I nearly died last September. I nearly died, because a car driver hit me, while I was cyling on a strip […]

I win

Today I have been the victim of another road rage incident. I would like to share with you what was hurled at me.  At 13.30 I was cycling towards one of my new families for a home check. I took the London Cycling Network on Higham Road, N17. A White Van Man pulled up behind […]

The Big Bike Addition

“You have a BIG BIKE” is one of the comments I hear a lot from people. My Dutch Bike does indeed stick out from your run of the mill road/mountain or hybrid bike you normally see over here. In comparision, it is a bit on the big and heavy side. Obviously for a reason. It […]