A hidden gem at the London Bike Show

The last few days have been a bit of a whirlwind. As you will all know by now, I helped Boxer Cycles out at their stand and test track to show people the power of the cargobike! Definitely an adventure in itself to meet people who didn’t realise a cargobike even existed. I hope we have opened a fair few eyes and minds to the idea of the best alternative to the car.

It was also my first London Bike Show, which was an eye opener for myself. Unfortunately. It emphasized the fact I was already painfully aware of: utility cycling is totally frowned upon. Women are frowned upon. The two combined are a beast coming straight out of purgatory. A pootling woman, on a bike? I have seen the most gorgeous 12k carbonfibre racer, but well yes….not my kind of bike, soz!

On my last day in the final hour, I had a quick look around the remainder of the show and something glistening and shiny caught my eye. Could it be? A utility bike? At the London Bike show? Surely not? But, indeed, I did find one retailer who had some gorgeous looking two wheelers made for people like me. The bike manufacturer was called Orbita Bikes. 

Amazed, I went to see the sales person and he informed me they weren’t Dutch, as I imagined, but in fact Portugese. Orbita being the brand making the bikes for the European cycle share schemes we have seen popping up left right and centre. I immediately loved this bike, which was standing at the stand:

How utterly sweet does this bike look? It really is a no frills bike and does what it says on the package. The only draw back I could see was the regular dynamo to power the lights. But then again, it reminds me so much of an old gazelle or batavus. A proper, simple two wheeler bike! The price of this precious blew me away too. An orbita bike ranges from ยฃ200-600. I would suggest giving @bikesorbita a tweet to know specifics, if interested. So yes, a sturdy looking no frills Dutch bike. For less money. This mum is a fan! 

Orbita has a full range of lovely bikes, which you can find at orbitabikes.com (there is also a handy brochure). They are still looking for UK retailers as well, which might be of interest. I feel that if we want to change the cycle community’s perspective here, we need to start selling some utility bikes in every price class. 

I’ll leave you with some more pictures of different orbita bikes which caught my interest as well. I do hope to see some on English roads very soon. 


5 thoughts on “A hidden gem at the London Bike Show

  1. Best bikes ever. I have the original version of the Eurobici. It,s now about 30 years and keeps taking me where i want to go.


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