All you need is Love.

As you all know by now, I have a big love affair with the Cargo Bike. I was the proud owner of one before it got stolen and I have test ridden a fair few in the last couple of years. Cargo bikes are a brilliant way to transport children, but are also massively important if we want to engage businesses and councils alike to build the livable cities of the future.

It was this love which drove me in the first place to the people of @boxercycles quite awhile ago. As shown in a previous blog post, I love Boxer Cycles for a number of reasons. They take their love for cargo bikes to a new extreme. A touch of bling here, a sprinkle of pazzaz there, shaken and stirred with the newest technology and BAM: Cargobike Extraordinaire.

Yesterday, I had a meeting with the Founding Father of Boxer Cycles, Jeremy Davies. It was our mutual love for the Cargo Bike which eventually brought us together. When you talk to him, you’ll notice the same passion and determination you’ll hear from me and I believe that’s what makes their brand so attractive. I really feel they will be big players on the market in the years to come.

But ok. Don’t take my word for it and make up your own mind. Because, you can come and see them for yourself! And you can come and see a real London Cargo bike Mum for yourself too! Jeremy has kindly invited me to work alongside them next week at the London Bike Show. Click on the link for the show’s website to pop up for more information. You’ll be able to find @boxercycles and me @mamamoose_be at stand LB470. Jeremy has promised he’ll bring a Rocket to try out on the track (If you can pry it out of my hands, that is), and a few other amazing surprises! 

I don’t want to give away too much, as of yet. But perhaps I can lift a tip of the veil: “The Bentley of all Cargo Bikes”. I fell in love just seeing the pictures, before I even saw the specifications. Have a sneaky picture! Come find out the rest at our stand!
See you there,


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