The Great TFL Waste of Money Scheme

Today I cycled from Lordship Recreation Ground to South Tottenham, to go to one of my families (I am a self employed housekeeper in Tottenham and take care of many families in the area). I decided to take the CS1 route and check out the bit they were working on last week. I had high hopes how it would turn out, but got bitterly disappointed instead.

Tfl allocates 1% of their budget towards cycling per year. 1%!! And this is how they have wasted our money in Tottenham:

Did you notice the big, badass, massive footpath on the left!? And did you notice the painted bicycle on the road? You get two guesses where I will be cyling. I’ll give you a tip: it won’t be on the magical painted bike (because buses take that road).

However, the actual piece the resistance is probably this one. Also one for the kerb nerds amongst my readers. The magical painted bike takes a turn to the right and see what happens then:


The Great TFL waste of money scheme, coming to a spot near you soon! 

9 thoughts on “The Great TFL Waste of Money Scheme

  1. Presumably you are meant to ride a few feet further on to where there’s a dropped kerb…is the turn arrow here giving prior warning of the turn coming up on to shared space? But, agreed, this is not terrific infrastructure.


    • Elsewhere, the artwork is pretty much ubiquitously just before the dropped kerb, for example ;):

      So the CS1 example must be just about the first time a prior warning has been given… without warning! I guess you’re supposed to intuit these things by osmosis. Or something. And then go past the dropped kerb at the next example because you’re expecting a second piece of artwork.


  2. There used to be a motorcycle parking bay outside the town hall there. I once got a parking ticket because my handlebar poked out of the end of the marked parking area, tires inside! There is something about that area that sends public officers dolally


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