I nearly died…

I feel lucky today. I went to work, I picked up my son from school, I gave him a hug, we went grocery shopping and we came home. I feel lucky, because I am still alive. I nearly died last September. I nearly died, because a car driver hit me, while I was cyling on a strip of paint, which they call a “cycle path” over here. 

The damage to my bike was quite extensive. What I didn’t show you was the damage to my back and bottom. I am showing you this now because of a reason:

Yes, that is my backside. I couldn’t sit, lay down or walk properly for two whole weeks. But, I thought, it was ok, because I did not die.

Why am I showing you this!? Because I am furious and upset. Today, MPS Haringey decided to send me this letter:

I nearly died, and then they send me this.

Dear people, I need all the help and support you can muster. Don’t let @mpsharingey get away with this. Let them know, we are sick and tired of this sort of inaction. Cyclists don’t count in this country, let them know today is the day we say :


17 thoughts on “I nearly died…

  1. Can’t promise to do this case but if you have diagrams and other details can look at what may be possible. Fior a civil claim it is useful to have LCC CTC or British Cycling membership, as they have legal teams with specific understanding of cycling and cycle crash claims, and their services ensure that you get the full claim amount rather than with a % fee deducted – LCC folk know where to find me

    Presumably the driver complied with section 170.2 and provided all relevant details when injury and damage to property was caused by the presence of their vehicle?


  2. Hi Deborah

    I went through something not dissimilar to you 377 days ago – I was hit by a car travelling at 35 mph whilst crossing on the pedestrian phase of a pelican crossing. My neck was broken, but it was repairable and other than an enormous amount of rehab work and some odd psychological damage I survived and I am doing all the things I did before. Like you I was lucky, very lucky.

    The police were and remain useless over the case – despite an off duty Police Inspector being a witness and confirming the light was jumped, it took 7 months to get to court. They never contacted me, other than to ask when I might be free for a hearing, never explained the reasons for the delay until I chased them and never let me know he outcome of the hearing in late July. I still don’t know – I gave up with them – I took a civil case through my Union (I was on my way to work) – the damages award while substantial wasn’t important, but it helped me to get closure, to fully move on. I think that would have come with time anyway though. I found writing about both the accident and the recovery very cathartic – the piece about the accident is here https://runner500.wordpress.com/2015/01/31/blue-flashing-lights-for-alpha-red/

    Stay positive, do what you are doing, hug your son, feel lucky – you are lucky, celebrate your luck every day, recognise and understand the things that are great in your life, and, maybe, try to do a bit about the things you are less happy about. But hug your son, be positive about the things you nearly lost.

    Good luck with your recovery



    • Wow Paul, what a story. I am so sorry for the things you had to go through. But thank you so very much for sharing this. We need to stop making this a taboo and come forward about the uselessness of police. I want to see full presumed liability being passed as law, so the police cant not act. They need to be held accountable as much as the driver needs to be. I wish you well!

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  3. It is a standard letter from Metropolitan Police. I received exactly the same one, after being hit by a right turning car.
    Driver admitted it was his fault
    Witness corroborated
    Yet “insufficient evidence”

    London is the world capital of bullshit; never trust the Brits, they are just lazy, useless wankers.


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