I win

Today I have been the victim of another road rage incident. I would like to share with you what was hurled at me. 

At 13.30 I was cycling towards one of my new families for a home check. I took the London Cycling Network on Higham Road, N17.

A White Van Man pulled up behind me, nearly knocking over the trailer behind my bike.

“Go out of the way you fucking bitch, what are you doing on the road, FOR FUCK SAKE YOU FUCKING BITCH WHY ARE YOU CYCLING FOR FUCK SAKE LET OTHER PEOPLE GET ON FOR FUCK SAKE YOU BITCH YOU…….”

And this kept going on until I took a right turn into the street I was meaning to get into.

If this driver reads this, know for a fact you only make me more determined to carry on cycling. Your rage will consume you in the end, but will fuel my passion. You lose.

I win. 

8 thoughts on “I win

  1. I use a camera on my helmet for such horrible instances. I hope you continue being so unruffled by such people.


  2. Looking on maps, that road seems to be partly-20mph have speed humps and one end is no-entry-except-bikes. What kind of fool motorist uses that road if they’re in a hurry to get anywhere? It should probably be gated and all 20mph to stop such idiots because some people just can’t take a hint that they’re not welcome!

    But yes, like James, that sort of fool is why I have a camera, as the police mostly won’t act on reports otherwise.


    • The street is part of the London Cycling Network, has 20mph speed limit and has speed bumps throughout. Cars parked on both sides of the road too. So, I have to cycle in the middle of road because of doorzone. Tfl’s quiet ways are horrendous!


  3. Sorry to hear this. I take my kids to a little school in Edmonton, 2 miles and we cycle everyday unless the rain in morning is pouring. The kids love it. I worry sometimes that I’m living my love of cycling through them but they are so much healthier for it and my daughter 9 and son 11 understand traffic and reading the road better than most kids there age. In terms of road rage, only had a couple over the past year (how long we have been all cycling together) and I think one of the problems is that we are still a minority. Most of the cyclist around Northumberland park (kids and adults) don’t have helmets or lights. They cross the road with no care for people or cars that could kill and sometime they are their mobile phones. I think they give us a bad name and ruin our promotion of the greatest transport in the world! I hope you can encourage people to not have to use motors as much and enjoy this healthy lifestyle. I also hope that git gets banned from driving. My friend got pushed off the other week by a scooter driver for a laugh in Holloway. There are horrible people out there. Keep making good people and CYCLE POWER!!!! X


    • Cycle power indeed. I won’t be bullied off the road. Ever! Thank you for your wonderful comment and lovely to hear you cycling to school too. We need more parents out there!


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