Sexy Back

Day two of a brand spanking new year! And today I had a little bit of a “lightbulb moment”. Ohhhh, what is that, you may ask…

Well, it all started yesterday, with a bit of a conversation. Someone I know went on a bike ride and I saw a picture of this cycling group. All were dressed head to toe in lycra, high viz, polysterene hats, except this one friend. Who was dressed quite normally. And I got to think. Good people of this Island: we have an image problem. No really, hear me out, we do!

I have already broached this subject in another blog post, when it comes to actual bicycles: which you can read here. However, this is only part of the problem. 

There is no more sexy when it comes to cycling. The mojo, the sass, the LIFE and ADVENTURE has been drained out of what once was a gorgeous thing. And to my horror, it has been replaced by lycra

NO MORE, I SAY. No more. I have found my goal this year. I am going to bring sexy back! 

I am definitely not a fashionista, nor fashion guru. Yours truely does not read Cosmopolitan, nor is she a yummie mummy. But what I do know, is that people also cycle in regular outfits. And that other people, you know, the rest who doesn’t (yet) cycle, think we are all wearing bright yellow spandex sort of shennanigans. 

Thus commenceth my 2016 mission: to show people the light… . I shall be doing this by taking a picture of myself, everytime I hop on a bike. These pictures will end up in an album on facebook. But, in the meantime, I’ll leave you with these. Why don’t you join the Cycling Revolution? 
UPDATE: As promised I would be taken pictures of my cycling outfits through the year. These can be found here:


4 thoughts on “Sexy Back

  1. I am often amazed how many blokes compliment me on my shoes when I’m cycling if I wear anything that’s got a bit of a heel. Mary Janes and high heeled brogues are ideal cycling shoes – stay on your feet, if your foot slides off the pedal it catches on the heel – and I have a pair of 4 inch, pink ones with ribbon laces. I’ll send you a photo next time I wear them

    Love the blog, by the way.


    • Thanks!

      I have been known to cycle in my heels and in flipflops/long summer dress. I don’t see the issue. The perception here in this country, on the other hand is waaaaaayyyyy off. We, as women, can change this. Hence the blog post. No more taboo.


  2. Yes! I fully agree Deborah, we need to actively demonstrate that it is possible to ride in normal looking, even fashionable, clothes. I have been looking for clothes that are comfortable on a bike over the last couple of years, and am gradually reshaping my wardrobe to accommodate my preferred lifestyle.

    Brands such as Vulpine, Betabrand, Rapha, Cambridge Raincoat Company are just a few of many that are designing fashion for bikes.



    • To be honest, I just wear what I like. Regardless of brand. You can see in the facebook link what I am wearing on a cycling day. I only make sure in winter I have at least one long, down feathered coat, which covers my upper legs, plus my oversized rain poncho. In summer, anything goes. Even flipflops!


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