A few words on the last day of the year.

Last day of the year.

Last day of 2015 and I am feeling a bit “meh” about it all.  Although I did the thing I wanted to do most of all -move countries- this year, I still feel 2015 was a year to put away and forget. 

From October 2014 right up to April 2015 I was constantly ill. A nasty work related back injury set things off and I was quite unable to get back on my feet. 3 family members passed away and one friend. Financial worries and an international move uprooted the entire family. A bike accident, a bike theft and a loss of a job. I think that about sums it up. 

However, in the process I have made some lovely friends, met remarkable people and started putting my roots down once more. We found Tottenham and adopted our new hood. And then a cat adopted us. In the last 4 months, I feel we have worked hard as a family. Worked hard towards making a brighter future. With a lot of downs, but hopefully in 2016 with a hell of a lot of ups.

Normally I am not much of a worrier. I have always taken life as it comes. But, nowadays I struggle. I admit. I see a lot of hate around. Hate towards cultures, hate towards people who are different, hate towards our planet. I am not guilt free either. I do catch myself looking at people sometimes and thinking “seriously?!” I judge too. And I feel this is something I need to work on in 2016. I will try to be less judgemental, less resentful and fill my heart with love instead of hate.

To set this New Year’s resolution off, I’d like to thank each and everyone of you. Personally. For being there, for listening, for rooting, for all the advice, information, help, support, silliness, love, banter, for everything. You are all the best a person can wish for. YOU have made this year worthwhile. Give yourself this credit, please.

Happy New Year everyone. One advice I got today (Thanks Sue): above all “be resilient”. I for one, will venture to rise like a phoenix from 2015’s ashes. And kick some 2016 butt.

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