3…..2…..1…….BLAST OFF

As you will all know, I used to cycle a cargo bike, before my bike got stolen two months ago. Now I cycle a beautiful two wheeler Dutch Utility Bike instead. However, my love for cargo bikes has not faded and I keep being in awe with one specific brand I got to know about a year ago.

Cargo bikes originally come from Denmark, with Christiania being over 30 years old. The Netherlands have caught up with their own brand: Babboe Bakfietsen. But, did you know, there is an actual cargo bike brand IN THE UK? Cue @boxercycles!

Though I am not English, please indulge my red and white patriotic side for a moment. @boxercycles originate from Poole in Dorset and was founded by Jeremy Davies. A man on a cargo bike mission. After a rocky road, Jeremy has now come up with some eye watering models. One of them being called THE ROCKET. 

Yes, it really is, a rocket! 


How amazingly cool does this bike look? It doesn’t only look good, it is also a bike which is really well made:

7 speed dérailleur.
Hydraulic disk brakes.
Marathon Plus tyres.
Brooks saddle.
Just to name a few of the specs. The Rocket is also an electric assist bike with a 36V – 13.4Ah / 250W electric drive system. So, a full bike with kids, bags and groceries going uphill? No biggie. 

As @boxerscycles bikes are made in England, they are a lot better equiped for cycling in English traffic too. The lights are the best example. Instead of messing with reelights, like Christiania, The Rocket has built in front and rear lights, a brake light and even indicators. In many ways the bike acts like a car would act. Which is definitely a positive when cycling over here.

The Rocket can carry up to 6 children and can even be customized to cater for disabled kids. Whatever your needs and your wants, Jeremy can build it!  

The Rocket is not the only model made by @boxercycles. There is also the Shuttle and the Cargo. The Shuttle looks similar to a babboe big, but with the added features of proper lights and indicators. PLUS a kiddie bike rack mounted on the front. They do think of everything!


I find the shuttle a very good alternative to babboe or christiania. If you want to support a real English brand, which has a proper knowledge of building cargo bikes, go and have a look at Boxer Cycles.
On the website you will also find more in depth specifications and prices, more pictures and videos.
And, if you want to see the Rocket in action….come see them in February at the London Bike show! I already need to contain the kid in me!

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