We have only had our brand new bike for a day, but today she had to undergo her first real test! Missy’s reason d’être and the reason we bought her: to make our lives easier.

The last few weeks we had to walk everywhere. To school, to the underground, to the shops. So much time was being wasted, just getting somewhere, while dragging stuff with me. Luckily to say today was slightly different! 

This week I have changed jobs and I now work for a hotel in Heathrow. It is a great place to work, but it takes a loooooooong time to go back to Tottenham. An hour and a half single trip. Then again, I can finally read all the stuff I have been meaning to read, but never had the chance to. Every cloud has a silver lining! In any case, when I pick up the Monkey from nursery at 6pm and I still need to run to the shops to get all our food, I want this to be done asap. I picked up Monkey and by 6.10pm I was standing on our local high street in front of Aldi. Quick dash in the shop, we were out by 6.30pm and home by 6.45pm.

Missy was a trooper. She carried 2 schoolbags, 1 handbag, two grocery bags (a week’s worth of shopping), a scooter, 2 massive locks and a child. And she didn’t even blink. 

I was glad to be home and have dinner, which I am eating while writing this! Missy saved me time after a long day. Thank you, darling and bottoms up!


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