Maiden Voyage

Dear friends, family, followers, random strangers and fellow bicycle afficionados,

Today I can give you the best and most exciting news I have had in the last few days: I bought my new bike.
As it turned out I had to be in Camden today to apply for my National Insurance number, so I asked @fdbikes whether they could get my pimped out, chromed out (Belgians will get that tongue in cheek, no doubt) bike ready by 3PM. When I arrived, Harry was just putting the finishing touches on! My baby, my love, she was ready and itching to GO.

I had quite a trek to do. From Camden to Tottenham Hale, nearly 8 miles. Traffic was not too heavy, but it was dusk and raining. Great fun. Not.
I came out of the shop, and already nearly fell over. Bike 101, new bikes are like new cars….it takes time to get to know how they work. In any case, before I said va va voom, I was already on the A503 towards Finsbury Park.
This lovely bike is a dream to cycle. 8 speeds! Which actually make you go faster than a bus on the buslane. Pedal brake, so if you need to emergency brake, it is easy! Busch and Muller IQ AV NPLUS (yea, I looked it up) hub dynamo lights, which are so bright I nearly blinded some people in Finsbury Park. Sorry Folks! A bell which make people go jump (sorry not sorry) and a big, badass crate for STUFF. 
40 minutes later, I arrived at Monkey’s nursery, unscathed. I had a great ride, without any near misses, or idiot drivers doing idiot things. All was fine in the world.

When I came into the nursery, Monkey immediately wanted to see his new wheels, so he stormed out for inspection. The bike got a Monkey approval!

We had a quick “OMG HOW DO I CYCLE WITH A MONKEY ON THE BACK” session in the local park, but after about 3 mins it was natural to do so. We cycled home, this time on the pavement. Tottenham is the worse place to cycle, so go complain to @haringeycouncil, if you don’t like it. I value my safety.

Going home we got a few comments already from locals. The bike seems to stand out. “Wow, that is a big bike”,  was what we heard most. “Not really, it is just a standard Dutch model of bike”, I replied. After which people would look at me as if the Netherlands was located on another planet, in another galaxy. To my standards, she is not big, but she suits our needs perfectly. Monkey can sit on the back and I had two locks, two schoolbags, my handbag, a grocery bag and a scooter in the crate. Going from point A to point B in the smallest time possible, carrying all our crap: mission accomplished. 

When we got home, I took the bike inside. The landlord still needs to install a proper fixed bike rack and he is doing that this week! So, for now, she can sleep in the hallway.

Anyway, the moment you have all been waiting for: TADAAAAAAA, meet the one, the only, the gorgeous and quite fantastic: MISSY! All of you made this happen. This is your effort, your doing and your baby. And I will try to make you all proud with lots of cycling shennanigans along the way. THANK YOU ❤️❤️❤️❤️


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