Le visage de l’amour

I have a song stuck in my head. It goes like this….

Toi, parée de mille et un attraits
Je ne sais jamais qui tu es
Tu changes si souvent de visage et d’aspect
Toi, quel que soit ton âge et ton nom
Tu es un ange ou le démon
Quand pour moi tu prends tour à tour
Tous les visages de l’amour

Toi, si Dieu ne t’avait modeler
Il m’aurait fallut te créer
Pour donner à ma vie sa raison d’exister
Toi qui est ma joie et mon tourment
Tantôt femme et tantôt enfant
Tu offres à mon coeur chaque jour
Tous les visages de l’amour

Moi je suis le feu qui grandit ou qui meurt
Je suis le vent qui rugis ou qui pleure
Je suis la force ou la faiblesse
Moi je pourrais défier le ciel et l’enfer
Je pourrais dompter la terre et la mer
Et réinventer la jeunesse
Toi, viens fais de moi ce que tu veux

Un homme heureux ou malheureux
Un mot de toi, je suis poussière ou je suis Dieu
Toi sois mon espoir sois mon destin
J’ai si peur de mes lendemains
Montre à mon âme sans secours
Tous les visages de l’amour
Toi, tous les visages de l’amour

Today I fell in love again. In love with a gorgeous lady. Definitely a ‘she’ in all aspects. ‘she’ is a Dutch bike. A bike I found at @fdbikes awhile ago. When my bike got stolen, and the crowdfund was in full swing, it gave me the time to think about the next step. Was I going for a two wheeler, a three wheeler? What were the advantages of both? How could I protect this bike from criminals? Will I be safe with a kid on the road etc etc. As you all know by now, cycling on the roads in London is nothing short of a deathtrap. I wanted and needed a bike which made me feel safe and protected. A bike which would put a smile on my face when cycling around the streets of the wild wild North. Aka Tottenham.

As you all know by know, Flemish blood courses through my veins and from father’s side I have inherited Dutch genes. Cycling comes natural to me. The pull towards a proper Dutch bike has likewise always come natural to me as well. I do not understand the way the English like road bikes, MTB’s or even hybrids on a busy road. You are staring at the concrete floor, people. How can you see what is going on around you? Anyway, totally different subject, which I might get back to one day.

So, as I was looking into two wheelers, I inevitably went to Harry Walton, owner of Flying Dutchman bikes. Guess what he sells? BINGO. Flying Dutchman doesn’t just sell bikes. They sell the Dutch/(Belgian) way of living. Proper, decent, sturdy, gorgeous utility bikes. The kind on which you plonk your offspring on, chuck your groceries in, and get like a bat out of hell where you need to be, in the shortest time possible. In style.

A few weeks ago, Harry invited me to go for a test ride, when I had some time and due to circumstances, I had plenty of that today. Unfortunately, it was chucking down with rain. But, as a trooper I went for it anyway. What use is a #badasscargobikemum if she can’t stand the London rain, hu? And ooohhh, was I glad I did….You know that love on first sight thing? It was exactly that! The test ride was heavenly. Horizontal rain streamlining my wrinkles, but I was all smiles from ear to ear.

For the people interested in the brand: The bike is an “Eendracht”, meaning “unity”. She comes with 8 speeds, back pedal, internal gear hub…I have asked Harry for some more specifications. At the moment she is an omafiets, a granny bike. But of course, for my family needs, she needs to become a cargo bike. Cue front rack and crate. Cue converted rear rack for a Monkey. Cue front wheel stabilizer and some lovely fat marathon plus tyres (I do not deal kindly with punctures). A proper badass kick stand and last but not least, an essential piece of kit:

So, here she is. The new love of my life. The way to my new found freedom. The one and only Dutch Eendracht.

Are you all as excited to see her transform in a proper cargo bike? Because I am. I am smitten. Fully and totally. The only thing to do now, is to name her. And this task, my dear friends, I would like to leave up to you. All suggestions welcome. I will pick her up next week, so get your thinking caps on. Le visage de l’amour, quelle est ton nom?
To be continued….

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