Tragedy strikes again

You would think his blog is all doom and gloom. I am beginning to think so as well.

After my accident last month, last night a punk stole our beloved cargobike. One of my neighbours saw him walk off with it at 3am. She thought I lend out the cargobike to him. Sometimes less thinking and more acting should be obligated, but hey ho.

The suspect is a white male, with glasses. He was wearing a hoodie. And walking from Bruce Grove towards Wood Green via Lordship Lane. I don’t have much more info at the moment, but the police was called and cctv footage is there to go through.

The cargobike is a BABBOE BIG ELECTRIC ASSIST. After the accident, it stopped steering well, because the gassprings are broken. So, in the wrong and unexperienced hands the bike is unsafe. It is not road worthy to put kids in it, if you do not know how to handle the bike.

The bike has a battery, but I still have it. I also have the control box key to operate the battery. So even if you buy a new one, it will not work. If you try to buy any parts, every cargobike shop in England now knows to inform me. You took half a bike, you dumbwit.

Dear thief, you cannot run, you cannot hide. You took a bike from a member well known in the community here and we are zooming in on you. This is not an “if” but a “when” we will track you down. You took a bike from the last person you wanted to take it from. 

So, a choice. If you read this, come and bring the bike back. No questions asked. If you dare selling it on, I will find you. If you dump the bike, I will find you. There is no fun in explaining this to a judge and serving time. 



For all the rest, keep your eyes peeled for the bike. It says BABBOE BIG and BABBOE.COM on the sides. It has stickers all over too. The rainhood has a cut in it on the right hand side. The whole frame is stickered in black and the front frame has a big dent in it from the accident. Its backside weighs a lot due to electrics. Lets find my thief and let him regret his life.


UPDATE: friends have asked me to set up a crowdfunding page to source a new bike, together. I HATE asking for money, as I am little miss Independent. But, swallowing pride: here we go:

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