The Cargobike and The Schoolrun

As you might all know by now Henry started school last week! He is in reception class at the Harris Academy Tottenham Hale. From day one, we have been made extremely welcome by the school’s staff and by one lovely mum in particular, Mary. Mary has a daughter, who is similar age to Henry! So, they quite instantly became friends!

Today was the first day, I was actually able to pick Henry up from school, without him having to go to daycare. And you know what? British weather! (I know)!! It was raining that kind of rain which only feels like a drizzle, but soaks you to the bone after 15 min. As I had my new and improved cargobike with me (curtesy of London Green Cycles to fix the beastie), I offered to take both kids home. I cycled a gentle pace while Mary was walking next to me. Both kids being happy and dry and playing in the bike. A schoolrun Dutch/Belgian style! 

You see, schoolruns here aren’t usually done this way. This afternoon I counted one mum picking up her kid from school by bike (not including myself). One! In a radius of at least 15 schools. Most people pick their children up from school by car, or they walk. Most schools encourage parents to pick their children up on foot, but not really by bike. For example, on the registering form of Henry’s school “bike” wasn’t even an option. This needs to change! And I am a firm believer the cargobike can be a solution to a huge problem. I realise Haringey and Tottenham in particular are a tough crowd to convince. But step by step I am adamant I can plant little seeds into people’s head. And the best way to do that is small, one parent at the time! One school at the time, one community at the time. And in this case, one schoolrun at the time.

In any case, the children loved their ride. They came home dry (mummies not so), and we enjoyed a nice cuppa tea and a biscuit afterwards. Combining Dutch engineering, with Belgian advocacy and English food and drinks. The cargobike brings cultures together. 

To be continued. 

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