Kidical Massive and the power of the BIKE

Today we have done an event, I have been looking forward to going to for weeks! Kidical Massive London.

I see a lot of raised eyebrows already: “what is Kidical Mass(ive)?” Let me keep it short and sweet and throw the link out there:

Under the slogan “kids are traffic too”, Kidical Mass really is a  kind of protest to raise awareness to car centric towns, we want family cycling to be their number one priority. A derivate of “critical mass”, kidical mass became a focal point for family cycling. Whether you are young, old, on a regular bike, a trike, a two wheeler, a tandem, a balance bike, it didn’t matter. We all cycled together! And it was glorious. Why? Because it was a WORLDWIDE event. Hence the new name Kidical MASSive. 

We never had a big kidical Mass event in London and when some twitter friends came up with the idea of joining into the world’s global movement held on this day, I really loved the idea. However, I was in the process of moving countries and my friend Ruth-Anna was in the process of studying for a big exam. We had some more great friends help out in the end. Jono and Sylvia, thanks for the effort put in too!

The result was magnificent. And the Gods did their best to help us out as well. A glorious, sunfilled sky over Regent’s Park London today. We had a lovely cycle around the outer circle of the park and afterwards we stopped for a lovely picnic inside the park. How great would it be, to do such a thing every single day? Safely, relaxed, with our children cycling beside us. Without fearing for their lives? There were at least 100 people involved in our cycle ride today, pushing back several cars. And even then some drivers wanted to overtake us. But you know what? We outnumbered them and they had to wait. A definite first for London town.

I’ll leave you with some pictures of the day. Hopefully we’ll get some video footage up soon too shot by our man of action: Jake Burgess. Yea, we whacked him into a cargobike. An American, in a cargobike. If that can happen, London is ready for the next step! Kidical Mass xmas edition.

To be continued


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