A new beginning, a new blog

As the title says: “A new beginning”. OH MY WORD, A NEW BEGINNING! And what a new beginning it is. A new beginning of epic proportions of epicness. And then some.

Some people will ofcourse already know me from my previous blog. In which I mused about being a single mum of two, in Belgium. Well, feeling slightly like Dorothy in Oz at the moment, right after the tornado struck. I am leaving Belgium behind for a new adventure. In London!

At the end of June, I made a big big decision. Stay in Belgium and struggle on (struggle with money, no job, kids struggling at school) or a leap of faith and move (back) to London. I choose the latter and found a job, a place to live, I packed up my house, sold most of my belongings to finance the move and said goodbye to friends and family. That really is the short version, the extended version is more in the line of: OMG A JOB AND OMG A FLAT AND OMG WHERE WILL I FIND THE MONEY AND OMG WHAT ABOUT EVERYONE AND THE FAMILY AND THE KIDS. I am sure you can understand it was a lot of organising! And 7 weeks of pure, unadulterated s.t.r.e.s.s.

I am pleased to say, however, I am nearing the grand finale. Very soon I am gone with the wind. On an adventure. Who knows what will happen?

One of my most prized possessions is also coming with me. Alongside Boo and Monkey (my children) ofcourse. My trusty steed. My one and only love. My Babboe CARGOBIKE. My bike will feature heavily in my new blog. I started cargobiking two and a half years ago and have since called myself a #badasscargobikemum. We don’t own a car and I am carfree because of choice. Cycling to me is all about freedom. Freedom to get somewhere fast. Freedom to being able to go where I like, when I like it. Without being stuck in a queue, or having to wait for public transport. Freedom to pick up my children and go for miles on an adventure. To me the cargobike is also a statement. We have to take care of our Nature, one less car is better than one more car. We CAN live our lives, even with children, without a car. The cargobike, in the end, is a change in mentality. Changing the way we think about being dependable on a four wheeled metal, stinkie, beast. 

Some of you might also already know I am becoming the Sales Manager of one of London’s finest Cargobike Companies. They have given me the opportunity to put my cargobike/family cycling expertise into something tangible. Cargobiking in London is a fairly new mode of transport and I really feel I am standing at the cradle of a great change is City Cycling. Of a change in Family Cycling. I am really proud to being able to help make it happen!

So, there we go. #badasscargobikemum is on an international GO. Let’s see what life has in store next, shall we!?

4 thoughts on “A new beginning, a new blog

  1. I wish you, and the kids, very good luck at the start of this new period in your lifes. I hope you’ll find what you’re looking for!


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